Please choose the answer(s) where the most characteristics apply to you, most of the time.
Your frame:
Very short or tall, slim; you do not put on weight easily.
Average height; you gain or lose weight easily.
Tall and sturdy, or short and stocky; you have difficulty to lose weight.
Your skin:
Thin, dry, cool.
Soft, warm, freckles and moles, sensitive.
Thick, moist, smooth.
Your eyes:
Small, narrow, active.
Sensitive to light, penetrating gaze.
Big, pleasant, calm.
Your hair:
Brittle, dry, prone to dandruff.
Fine, tendency towards early thinning or graying.
Abundant, thick.
Your nails:
Dry, brittle, break easily.
Flexible, pink, lustrous.
Thick, smooth, polished.
Your body temperature:
Hands and feet often cold, you crave heat.
Usually feel warm, you prefer cooler weather.
Adaptable, but you strongly dislike cold and damp environment.
Your appetite:
Variable, you easily skip meals.
Strong, you must eat when hungry.
Moderate and constant.
Your digestion:
Irregular, with a tendency towards gas.
Quick, with burning sensations sometime.
Slow, with mucous formation.
Your elimination:
Prone to constipation, dry stools.
Very regular, loose stool.
Slow, plentiful.
Your physical activity:
Hyperactive, restless.
Low, move slowly.
Your emotional tendencies:
Fearful, anxious, nervous.
Angry, irritable, judgmental.
Greedy, possessive.
Your memory:
Good short term, poor long term.
Sharp, clear.
Excellent long term.
Your sleep:
Light, interrupted.
Little but sound.
Deep, plenty.
Your speech:
Rapid, frequent.
Clear, precise, cutting.
Slow, melodious.
Your lifestyle:
Erratic, you start many projects at once.
Purposeful, you plan to achieve much.
Very steady, sometimes stuck in a rut.
Your temperament:
Enthusiastic, flexible, optimistic, joyful.
Focused, motivated, courageous.
Easygoing, content, accepting, caring.